Pudding & Sparky

Pudding & Sparky

A Honeymoon release.

A poor wee Kereru was found on the ground. It was severely dehydrated, underweight and had a dislocated bastard bone.

While our vet Bryan Gartrell was examining her he was calling her ‘little pudding’, telling her she needed to put on weight. Hence the nickname ‘Pudding’.

Pudding was an absolute charmer, so calm, serene and accepting of the treatments needed. We all fell in love with her endearing personality.

A few days later another Kereru was found injured beside the road.

On examination we could see no sign of broken bones but it looked very battered and bruised.

Phew! Right from the start he was ‘Sparky’! He didn’t want a bar of humans or captivity. He seemed to hold us in complete distain. Every treatment was a battle and he took every opportunity to escape.

Talk about total opposites!

Pudding and Sparky were moved into the aviary together but much to our concern Sparky seemed to be bullying Pudding!

He would fly into her scaring her off her perch – not nice!

We consulted with Project Kereru in Otago and were informed that we most likely had a young male that was attracted to a young female. Mmmm, I had my doubts, so we kept a close eye on them.

One of our volunteers thought it made sense and asked me if I remembered the boys running into the girls to get their attention. I remember boys being really annoying around the 11-13yr age!

I still wasn’t convinced about the ‘attraction theory’ so we released Pudding an hour before Sparky. I had imagined her flying away in relief. LOL! She spent the next hour trying to get back into the aviary!

As soon as Sparky was released they were immediately ‘side by side’ on a branch looking as happy as a newly wed couple. Sigh!


A Honeymoon release.