The story of a Sacred Kingfisher (Kotare) fighting against the odds

I received a call that a baby Kingfisher had been found on the road next to its dead mother. It turned out that ‘Molly’ was an adult Kingfisher and was most likely sitting next to her dead mate. Kingfishers form very strong bonds.

Molly’s rear end was covered in black tar like faeces. The prognosis was not good. Black faeces are an indication of internal damage, poisoning or disease.

Molly was very subdued, not well and experiencing grief.

We treated Molly following the advice of our veterinarian Bryan Gartrell. With care four times a day she recovered to full health in a matter of days.

It is possible that the pair of Kingfishers ate something toxic to their system, maybe worms recently sprayed with Roundup – just wildly guessing.

On day five Molly was released back to her natural environment.

She flew to the nearest tree and started grooming like mad. She looked so relieved and happy to be free again.

A happy ending!